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How Vector Solutions Can Help You

Improve Training Efficiency
Reduce time to provide training by
Reduce time spent managing training by
Reduce productivity loss due to training by
Reduce time spent onboarding by
Reduce time spent on reporting by
Achieve Strategic Objectives
Reduce cost of compliance and liability expense by
Improve employee retention by point
Increase / protect training budget by
Total value over years

Your Investment vs. Your Return (Cumulative)

Your -year ROI is:
Months until investment pays back:
Overall -year value created:
Monthly cost of waiting:

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The Return-on-Investment (ROI) and other financial calculations performed by this tool are based on data provided by Vector Solutions customers, and various assumptions, and produce estimates only. The actual ROI realized by customers may vary from the estimates provided. Vector Solutions offers this tool to assist customers with evaluating online training and continuing education solutions; however, Vector Solutions and Hobson & Company (the firm that created the tool) are not responsible for the accuracy of any estimates.