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How Shipper TMS and Optimization Can Help You

Reduce Costs
Reduce overall annual transportation spend by
Reduce annual outbound freight and fuel costs by
Optimize pooling strategies to reduce annual freight costs for LTL shipments by
Reduce annual inbound freight costs by
Drive Growth
Increase payment accuracy to reduce annual freight payments by
Reduce time spent on freight audit and payment by
Improve business insight to help increase annual revenues by
Optimize multimodal plans to help retain customers per year by
Streamline Processes
Reduce time spent on load tendering by
Reduce time spent replying to tracking/tracing inquiries by
Total value over

Overall -year value created:

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The Return-on-Investment (ROI) and other financial calculations performed by this tool are based on data provided by MercuryGate customers, and various assumptions, and produce estimates only. The actual ROI realized by customers may vary from the estimates provided. MercuryGate offers this tool to assist customers with evaluating transportation management solutions; however, MercuryGate and Hobson & Company (the firm that created the tool) are not responsible for the accuracy of any estimates.